About J&S

Jason started J&S in 2010 to originally serve property managers and realtors.

Jason started J&S in 2010 

J&S PROPERTY SERVICES, LLC has been offering property management and maintenance services in the Baltimore metro area and surrounding counties since 2010. Primarily serving realtors and property managers and others involved in real estate, J&S’s original owner, Jason Converse, remains focused on providing quality service in that market. In addition, he provides hauling/removal services to homeowners, as well, particularly those who are preparing to move.

Recognizing an increasing need for senior relocation assistance, Jason responded in 2012 by partnering with his mom, Dawn Converse. Together, they offer a wide range of move management services dedicated to making relocation less stressful for seniors and their families. Jason and Dawn relate well to their clients with understanding, patience, and experience while offering the practical solutions required for downsizing, aging-in-place and/or moving.

Dawn and Jason frequently support families who are dealing with a house belonging to relatives who have passed away or who have had to relocate for health reasons. Sometimes, it’s just too difficult for adult children to leave their own busy families and careers to perform the arduous and time-consuming tasks needed to sort through the belongings of parents who may have lived in the same home for decades. Jason and Dawn patiently sort through everything, ensuring that all family treasures are identified and set aside for the family and then disposing of the rest according to the family’s wishes.

Dawn (right) joined J&S in 2012 to add senior moving services; Liz (left) handles the tax preparation for J&S.

Dawn (right) joined J&S in 2012 to add senior moving services; Liz (left) handles the tax preparation for J&S.

In addition, J&S supports families that are in transition, not because of aging, but because of relocation and/or divorce. In cases of divorce, they utilize many of the same move management skills and services to help these families move from their family home into, many times, a smaller one-parent home. Their compassion and ability to stay on task are assets in these sometimes stressful situations. Relocations, whether to a home down the street or across the country, can be just as difficult, so J&S can help with these, too.

J&S is capable of handling small hauling jobs, large entire home cleanouts, and any size move in between!

Elizabeth Rome, Jason’s sister, provides accounting services for the company, as well as other practical input! She is a valuable member of the team.

J&S recognizes that personal attention, reliability, and superior customer service are key elements in fostering long-term relationships with clients and referral partners. Although the client bases may vary, the services often overlap. Jason and Dawn have been able to successfully blend their areas of expertise in order to provide the level of service their customers are seeking and have come to expect. They have also partnered with many of the trades and service professionals in the area and therefore offer not only their services, but a wealth of respected resources, as well.