Downsizing and Move Management

Another area of J&S’s expertise is assisting in the moving and decluttering process.

Senior Moves

We work well with seniors who are planning to move and need assistance with the preparation process. Because we understand that each move is different and your needs are your own, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. So whether you need a little help or a lot, we are there for you. We are friendly, compassionate, reliable, client-centered and efficient. We offer a checklist that helps us define where our assistance is most needed, and we remain flexible in the event that things change during the process.

You’ll learn move about our senior move management services in this video:

How a Senior Move Manager Can Help You

We encourage our clients to move first and then tackle the job of cleaning out their home afterwards. This simplifies the moving process and helps to stay focused on taking only what you need and what will fit in your new home. Once you are moved, you can always change your mind if you feel you have brought too much, or you find that you have space for that special item you thought might not fit.

Once you have relocated, we can then help with removing all other items you no longer require in a variety of ways including donating and selling. We work together with you, your family, and your realtor to prepare the house for sale. Not every senior is moving from a house, so we can also assist you if you have already downsized and now need to relocate again, or if you are moving from an apartment or condominium. No move is too small or too large for us to handle.

Relocating Individuals and Families

You don’t have to be a senior to use our services! If you are a homeowner who is getting ready to move or just wants to clear out unused items, we can help you, too. These same skills are essential in helping families that are in transition due to a divorce. We can help with the packing, unpacking, move details, and sorting and dispersing of items so that you and your family can remain focused on handling your personal and business matters while we prepare you to move and help you resettle afterwards.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Although most of our moves include packing and unpacking services, we are available if that is the only help you need. We pack a lot of breakables like china, glassware and family treasures in order to help you save time and money. We have a good working relationship with and are a good complement to many moving companies.


Our services are also valuable to families and estate attorneys who are faced with homes that are part of an estate of a deceased or incapacitated loved one. Because this can be a time-consuming process, our sorting, cleaning out and property dispersal skills can help reduce the time needed to complete these tasks while the families and attorneys focus on what they do best.

Decluttering Services

Sometimes it is not possible for you to move first and sell later, and often a little, or a lot, of decluttering is needed to help prepare your home for showings while you remain in residence. Many of these same services are also useful if you, or a loved one, are an aging person who has decided to age at home rather than move. We can help clear rooms and hallways of items that could be trip hazards or are in the way of your maneuvering with a cane, walker, wheelchair, or scooter.

… to this!

We help you go from this ...

We help you go from this …

No matter what kind of move you have, we are here to help you. We do all we can to make your transition as smooth and stress-free for you and your loved ones as possible! We expertly, and affordably, minimize the chaos and anxiety frequently associated with moving as we execute a seamless action plan, customized to your individual needs and wishes. Our decluttering, downsizing and move management services are designed to help you with any, or all, of these tasks:

PRE-MOVE Planning – This begins with an initial complimentary consultation.

Floor plans help with selecting furnishings and arranging them.

CREATING A CUSTOM FLOOR PLAN – We help determine what will actually fit in your new home. We support you when difficult choices may need to be made.

ORGANIZING AND SORTING – Once we know what items you are taking with you, we then help you sort the rest into gifts to family and friends, sellable items, donations, recycling and refuse.

PACKING AND UNPACKING – We pack what is moving with you and unpack and set things in place in your new home.

REMOVING UNWANTED ITEMS – We remove unwanted items and dispose of them as sorted (donation, sell, recycle, etc.). We are environmentally friendly and make every effort to recycle, reuse and repurpose as much as possible.

ASSISTING ON MOVING DAY – We coordinate with your moving company and assist in the day of the move.

REFER OTHER PROFESSIONALS – When the services of other professionals are required, we share our wealth of preferred providers with you.

We work with your realtor to prepare your home for sale.

If you are choosing to age at home, we use many of the services above to make your living space comfortable and maneuverable.