J&S’s Services Uniquely Serve the Needs of Both Individuals and Real Estate Professionals 

Individuals and Families

We frequently assist seniors who are in the process of downsizing and moving to a smaller living space. This could include moves to independent, assisted living, nursing care, across the country to more favorable seasons or to be closer to family, into smaller dwellings, or any other reason someone may move!

While we assist many seniors, we also work with families who are relocating, locally and to other states, as well as couples who are going through a divorce or are blending families into one home.

In addition, a large part of the families whom we assist have experienced the loss of a loved one and now need to prepare a house for sale.

Each of these situations requires many of the same services, but they also each have their own unique circumstances that J&S is experienced in handling.

We offer a complimentary consultation so we can have a true understanding of what needs to be done and what assistance we are being asked to provide. After that assessment, we can then approximate how long it will actually take to accomplish.

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Real Estate Professionals


Additionally, J&S assists realtors, property managers and other real estate related professionals who need to have items removed from properties for a variety of reasons, sale, rental, foreclosure, eviction, etc.  We are adept at removing from just a few items all the way up to clearing out an entire house (or office).

In addition to cleanouts and hauling, J&S also provides other services to prepare a property for sale and maintain it while on the market.

Learn more about our cleanout and hauling services as well as our property management and maintenance services by following the links below: