Property Management, Maintenance and Repairs

Real Estate Professionals Rely on Our Expertise and Experience, Too

J&S  provides property management and maintenance services to realtors, property managers, owners  and others professionals who own or represent properties that are going on the market due to foreclosure, eviction, end of lease term, or sale. We ensure that any properties we prepare and/or maintain are clean and presentable for viewing by potential purchasers and/or renters.

Some services we provide include:

Lock changes and installations – replace any door locks on the home as well as locks on outside gates, sheds, etc., when needed

Installation and replacement of smoke and carbon dioxide detectors – in accordance with regulations regarding smoke and carbon dioxide detector placement 

Window boarding – when there are broken or missing windows and/or doors that leave the premises open to potential theft and vermin

Minor repairs – many small repairs can be done by J&S, eliminating the need to call in more expensive contractors

Minor water removal – particularly resulting from roofs in poor condition and missing windows, doors and piping

Debris removal, including carpeting, furniture, appliances, building materials, paints and household cleaners, and more

Winterizations and de-winterizations – Winterizations are done seasonally. Dewinterizations can be done at the request of the client.

Removal of items left by previous owners and/or tenants – J&S will remove items according to our clients’ specifications. Our goal is to preserve items that can be used by someone else, whether that means selling or donating those items. Unusable items will be disposed of as deemed best and necessary. This includes appliances, furniture, personal items, construction debris, etc.

Recycling and reuse of removed items, when possible

Clearing property outside the house – J&S can provide brush and trash removal outside of a house as easily as inside. This includes cleaning gutters, emptying garages and sheds, raking leaves, and trimming bushes.

Sales cleans for realtors and for-sale-by-owner properties – J&S can clean the entire interior of a house from the entryway to the garage including the kitchen, bathroom(s), family areas, all floors, windows, and even fireplaces. Referrals for specific cleanings, such as flues and venting are available.