Move Management Services

Our goal is to make moving easier and less stressful for everyone in the family!

Here’s how we do that.  Let us help you turn that overwhelming stress into a feeling of accomplishment!

Decluttering – Whether you are planning to move or age in your home and need some extra space, we can help you declutter, depersonalize (remove family photos, mementos, etc.) and get things packed and out of view.

Creating a Custom Floor Plan – Together, we create a personalized floor plan that aids you in choosing what to move with you. You’ll be able to see what will fit and adjust your choices accordingly. This plan will also make it easy for the movers to efficiently and cost-effectively place your furniture where you want it.

Pre-move Planning – Planning ahead ensures that you and your belongings have a smooth transition! Our checklist helps keep you on track!

Organizing and Sorting – You decide what is really important to keep and what is not, and we help you sort accordingly. We start in one room and work our way through your home as you provide direction as to where things need to go.

Packing and Unpacking – We pack, unpack, and help you “settle in” to your new home. We also make every effort to remove all empty boxes and packing material at the end of the day.

Moving Day Assistance – We coordinate with your mover to make moving day go smoothly.

Arranging for Sale of Items and DonationsIf you choose to try to sell or donate items, we can help make those arrangements.

You can relax, knowing that your move is in our capable hands!