Estate Liquidation and Cleanout

Managing  Estate Liquidation

Our estate liquidation services are valuable to both individuals who have items they are leaving behind when they move as well as families, personal representatives and guardians who are faced with homes that are part of an estate of a deceased or incapacitated loved one. Because this can be a time-consuming process, our sorting, cleaning out and property dispersal skills can help reduce the time needed to complete these tasks. We are caring and sensitive in our approach while helping those involved understand the best options.

Donating Items – We make or assist with arrangements to donate in accordance with your wishes. We do our best to match your desires with specific or appropriate donation sources. We handle all of the packing of items to be donated and schedule pick-ups, or provide the transportation ourselves when needed.

Selling Items – We also make, or assist with, arrangements to sell items, whether it is a few or an entire household. We are careful to sort all items prior to donation or sale to ensure that all important heirlooms and documents have been retrieved by or set aside for the heirs. Sales can be accomplished through a variety of venues, including estate or yard sales, online sales, auction sales and consignments. Because every situation is different, we will help you determine which venue would be your best solution.

We are open-minded and creative in our approach, while helping you understand the market and navigate the sale of items.

Cleaning Out and Preparing House for Sale

Once everything has been sold or donated, the next thing we do is work with the family and/or realtor to leave items in the house for showing, or remove and dispose of everthing that remains.