Decluttering to Prepare for a Move or Age at Home

Move First, When Possible

We strongly suggest that, when possible, you plan to move before you place your house on the market for sale. The advantage our senior clients find to moving first is they can focus their full attention on preparing for their move and choosing what they want and need for their new home. This helps to reduce the distraction and worry about what happens to the items they are not taking with them.  Once we have a clear picture of what is being moved, we can together create a plan for the remaining items.

Moving first may be manageable if you are an older adult, but sometimes younger individuals and families find that it is not financially or physically possible to move first and sell later.


Preparing for a Move while Living in your Home

When moving first is not an option, a little – or perhaps a lot – of decluttering may be needed to help you prepare your home for showings while you remain in residence. This means that we  help you “depersonalize” as much as possible so that your house is appealing to a wide range of prospective buyers. Your real estate professional will tell you that prospective purchasers would be better able to visualize themselves living in your home if you have removed and packed away your family photos, precious collectibles, and other personal items. You also want to make certain that any valuables are tucked safely away.

Decluttering in anticipation of your move helps you keep your house as tidy as possible when it needs to be available for showings, especially on short notice, and it also allows us to begin expertly packing your personal items so they are ready to be moved.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of activity that can be both physically and emotionally exhausting for you and your family, whether you sell first, or move first, so we do our best to minimize that for you.


Declutter to Age More Comfortably in Your Home

We can assist you even if you are not moving. While many seniors choose to move to a smaller, more manageable home, others choose to remain in their own home on their own or with helpers. If this is what you are planning to do, like many people who have lived in their home for many years, you will likely find that you need to do some decluttering. We can help clear rooms and hallways of items that could be trip hazards or are in the way of your easy maneuvering with a cane, walker, wheelchair, or scooter.

We do our best to streamline the process of decluttering so it is as  pleasant and stress-free for you as possible.